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Setting up a designer inspired ergonomic workspace

Setting up a designer inspired ergonomic workspace

Creating an ergonomic workspace is essential for comfort while working. However, utilising ergonomic furniture and accessories, while functional, can make things look a little dull and unimpressive. The solution is to think outside the box and go for a more design-orientated angle to make your workspace look as fresh as it feels good to work in.

1. Your desk, your way

Your desk is the centrepiece of your office, so why not love it? A decrepit desk makes work impossible - and meetings an embarrassment. Give yourself more room to work and impress your clients with your new designer furniture. Find the perfect timeless piece that'll make your home office come alive or an industrial-style desk to breathe new life into your workspace. Choose an electronic standing desk and get the best of both worlds, whether your sitting or standing there are many desks that offer functionality and look great in your workspace. A beautiful desk is the perfect blank canvas for any creative project.

2. Do your back a favour

Redecorating your workplace is not the only reason to replace your office chair; back pain is the leading cause of chronic pain in today's "sitting society". Created with both posture and interior design in mind, ergonomic chairs are more stylish than ever. Paired with a modern or industrial desk, the soft and elegant curves of an ergonomic chair provide great contrast in your office and tie the space together. And don't forget about new visitor chairs for your clients or colleagues.

3. Mess be gone!

Everyone hates clutter, whether it's papers or those little odds and ends that always seem to get in the way. Stacking things on your desk looks unprofessional and takes up valuable workspace, but most office storage is drab and boring. The solution? Get rid of your clutter with beautiful and functional designer storage solutions. Store your documents or resources in a sideboard that doubles as a display shelf for photos or artwork. Fill that awkward corner in your office with a storage unit, or even find a designer desk with drawers and shelves built in. The options are endless!

Whether your furniture is falling apart or you just need some inspiration, designer furniture can help you recreate your office or workspace. You can yield the benefits today, whatever your budget. Browse our website to get inspired and start discovering your new well-designed office space.

How to design a man-cave style work den

How to design a man-cave style work den

If you’re lucky to live in a reasonable size house or apartment, there may be space for a man cave style work den. For many Australians living in big cities, space is a premium, so we may not always have the luxury for us men folk to have our own private oasis. If you are, check out these top tips on how to design a space for work and play that we can call our own.

1. Find a private space

As I said, it’s tough to find space. It could be the study, the garage, shed, maybe a portable shed or a spare room in the attic or basement.

2. Get Buy-In

This may be the toughest job. Getting buy-in from the Mrs (or Mr), kids, parents, flatmates may be the most difficult and challenging task you will encounter. You will need to think strategically how to win over the stakeholders in the household! Consider how this move could benefit others in the house ie: moves all your clutter and memorabilia into one room, a space for wine storage.

3. Check connectivity

Ensure that you can access connectivity essentials such as power, internet and Foxtel. You can access cable broadband through a Foxtel port. Accessing WIFI from the main house area may be difficult and frustrating, even if you have a WIFI extender.  

4. Furniture, design and layout

It’s important to get the right layout and flow. If you’re budget extends, it’s highly recommended to get some advice from an interior designer. They can often access very good discounts and you can end of saving money by using a designer to help plan the space. There are now specialist designers focusing on Man Cave interiors.

You could also enlist the help of the Mrs who may enjoy the process of designing the layout and shopping for furniture AND giving further support to your cause.

5. Design considerations

Statement Pieces – Buy some statement pieces that reflect your personality. Maybe a comfy Eames chair, sofa, piece of artwork, industrial style desk, giant TV, memorabilia.

Mix & Match – Mix and match the statement pieces that might be a bit heavy on the budget with some cheaper pieces.

Colours & Tones – Choose colours to represent the mood that you most want to portray when in the space. Indigo, greys, whites and blacks with timbers are popular for masculine spaces. Or for something a bit more hipster, try lighter timbers, green plants, quirky artwork, fashionable rugs.  

Lighting & Window Coverings – Ideally you would be in a space that offers plenty of natural light during the day-time and comfort and warmth in the evening. Use heavy curtains to give a luxe feel to the space and to soften any dark and hard surfaces.

6. Furniture & gadgets checklist:

  • Sofa
  • Arm Chair & Stool
  • Coffee Table & Side Table
  • Desk
  • Office Chair
  • Desk Storage
  • Bookcases / Display Units
  • Console or Sideboard for printer
  • Charging Station
  • Mini Bar
  • Stools/chairs for the guys
  • Fridge
  • Wall art
  • Rugs
  • Wall coverings
  • Lighting
  • Big TV
  • Xbox
  • Foxtel/Netflix connected
  • TV Unit
  • Surround Sound System or Sound Bar
  • Pinball Machine
  • Coffee Machine
  • Pool Table

The key is to create a space that is all about you.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out @workspaceluxe on Instagram. You can view the Workspace Luxe Den Style Collection for furniture ideas here











How to design a welcoming reception space

How to design a welcoming reception space

The reception space is like the face of your business. It has the ability to be either memorable and expressive, or so dull no one can remember its name.

How potential clients and customers feel in this part of the office will influence how confident they are in your ability to work with them, so it's crucial you design a space for your business with furniture that accurately reflects who you are and what you do.

An office reception area does not need to be boring. Think about how much resource and thought you put into creating a comfortable home and apply the same thinking into your office.     

What image do you want to portray?

Exactly what you need to make your space sing will depend on what image you want to project. If your business needs a friendly image of a company that makes customer care a priority, such as a small family law office or accounting firm, it best to go with softer designs. The receptionist (if you have one!) should sit behind a low lying traditional desk with a bouquet of flowers or plants that makes them (and by extension the company) feel approachable yet professional. A comfortable couch and an armchair should invoke the idea of a well put together living room, so place them up against the wall facing the reception desk, with plenty of space for a coffee table in front. Wood finishes or a warm colour palette for furniture works well for this kind of space.

Consider modern and clean furniture designs... 

But perhaps you run a business that needs to emphasis that it's cutting edge? If you run a small tech startup or advertising agency, for example, you'll want to be seen as a dynamic and innovative, and the reception space has to reflect this. Open, clean and modern are the key words here, so ditch the dodgy out of date gossip magazines! Keep only industry relevant reading material on the coffee table in the centre of the room. While white walls and glass furniture are popular in offices trying to project a modern image, too much of it can feel impersonal and sterile. Try using interesting pops of colour to break up the room and create energy. The coffee table could be an unusual, but functional shape in an industrial material, as could the reception desk. Keep it clear with just one or two interesting pieces of furniture.

Think of how you want people to feel when they first walk into your business, and pick furniture that will help them achieve that feeling. There's no need to furnish your reception area with run of the mill 'office-y furniture'. Create that warm inviting vibe... after all, first impressions always count.

Check out interesting and unique pieces of furniture for your reception space in the 'breakout' section of the, or head to @workspaceluxe on Instagram for some visual inspiration. 

5 top 'sanity' tools you need when working remotely

5 top 'sanity' tools you need when working remotely

More and more employees these days are sick of the 9-5 employment grind. Working from home and remote work employment options have rapidly become more popular, with more people searching for a more manageable way of balancing their lifestyle with employment obligations.

Working remotely requires determination, patience, dedication and a high tolerance to cope with the stress levels that self-employment brings to our lives.

What methods can remote workers utilise to manage their workday more efficiently?

Here are the top five most recommended necessary tools remote workers require.

1. A reliable, high-speed Internet connection

Running a business remotely requires easy access to connections to clients, colleagues, and accessible business data that is essential to successful management of your company. When working remotely, a high-speed internet connection can be your best ally.

2. Asana

A must-have for organised business owners. Featuring calendars, project dashboards, and to-do lists, this application allows you to create and designate shared tasks while having the option to chat within the designed tasks. Great for group collaboration while working on high scale projects.

3. Skype 

An obvious choice, and top rated application, Skype allows instant real-time communications so you can keep in touch with the team or promote your products to potential clients.

4. SandGlaz

A nifty project and task management software that enables you to designate tasks to individual people or by category. The software allows viewing of which employee is working on a task, and allows group communication in real-time.

5. Remote worker online groups 

A great way to stay in touch with the community and fellow remote workers. When you work as a remote worker, isolation can have a long-term effect on your health. Having a support network of people in your same line of work can be uplifting. 

At Workplace Luxe, we have a range of furniture and office supplies to suit your needs as a remote worker. Priding ourselves on quality products and classic office décor, we hold everything you need to set up a successful and productive business office. Have a look at our website today.

Healthier habits that start at your desk

Healthier habits that start at your desk

If you're holding down a full-time job, chances are you spend around 40% of your waking of hours in or around the office. And if you're at least a little health conscious, chances are you have considered how these hours and impacting on your physical - and mental - health. Here are a few simple ways you can ensure your working habits promote better well-being inside and outside of business hours.

1. Stand up!

We've been told countless times that a sedentary lifestyle - i.e. sitting down all day - is very bad for our body. Spinal issues, postural effects, muscle cramps and pain: sitting for prolonged periods comes with a myriad of health issues.

Solution: Get a standing desk! They can be purchased for a decent price (and even if they are a little more expensive, avoiding those niggling pains is worth the extra dollars, right?)

2. Regular breaks

Research has shown that our brains are much more efficient if we allow them to wander fairly frequently. Burying your face in a pile of papers - or a screen - may seem like productive behaviour, but in reality, you are much better off breaking for concentration.

Solution: Try concentrating on a task for 20 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break. Every hour, take a 10-minute break, and use this time to grab a cup of tea, do some quick stretches, or totally immerse yourself in some other task that's NOT work related.

3. Nutritious snacks

When the stomach starts to rumble, it's human nature to reach for things closest at hand. A hectic work schedule may leave little room for extensive meal prep and the ability to hit the fresh produce aisle. As such, convenience snacks in bright shiny packets often take precedence! But while a sugar rush or tonne of fat might get you through the next 20 minutes' work, they won't do your brain any good long term.

Solution: Stock your work drawer with quick, easy snacks which are as nutritious as they are tasty. Fruit is a great start, as are natural nuts, brown rice crackers, canned tuna and veggie sticks. Even better, sign up for a healthy snack subscription service and let the healthful treats land directly on your (desk) doorstep!

With these quick tips at your disposal, you are sure to be a healthier - and more productive - worker, and learn to love your desk space!